(I posted my poem below. Is this the kind of way we envision it?)
Yep...Maya -) I'm going to add my part after yours. I'll write mine in green. It's hard to follow your insightful and inspirational words...
Gawd. I had this thing all written out perfectly today, but upon checking it here at midnight I realize it didn't save somehow. Someone tell me if what I've written is mediocre or just weird. It's fine! Chill'ax!

Marsha Kindrachuk Boyd
Maya Woodall
KWMP Summer 2011
27 June 2011
Writing Group Poem

I am Marsha. A single mother of two teens, a non-traditional student embarking on a second career, a lifelong learner, a KMWP fellow. I am the shy butterfly emerging from her cocoon, waiting for my wet wings to dry, so I can soar, my colorful wings carrying me higher, allowing me freedom to reach my dreams.

I am Maya, mother of 4-year-old, Sarah and 7-year-old, Michael; wife to my teacher husband, a midlife woman on a journey to continue to grow personally and professionally, a fellow of KMWP. I am a teacher in the midst of a transformative experience, seeing who I am as mom, wife, learner, teacher and writer in a new way. I am a woman who was placed where I needed to be this summer in spite of all the time away from my family.

I am Shirley a sister of many. I am a student of painting. I am a teacher traveling miles.I love my country, my family and all. I am creative, and a willing learner. I teach little children who are eager learners. I am searching for new challenges to enrich my life. I am also grateful to be with y'all and very honored to be here this summer loving each session of the KMWP.

I am Jennifer. I am 29 years old. I am a gardener, a musician, a reader, I like to write. I am a pre-service teacher searching for a job, so I don't have a full identity as a teacher just yet. I am a woman waiting with bated breath, hopeful and disheartened at the same time, stalled but craving motion, ready to move forward.

i am David, father of Delaney and Jake, husband to Laura, guitar player, and high school AP Literature teacher. I am a learner, a reader, a seeker, and a coach. I am determined to grow in each of these things, and I will not settle for anything less than my own best efforts.

I was stuck in a rut. A teacher without a classroom. I was constantly challenged by the naysayers around me—those teachers tired of inspiring their students. I was afraid I’d become one of them—the ones who should’ve called it quits, the ones who are in it for themselves, who’ve lost sight of their students. Masters of mediocrity and purveyors of public complaint.

I was a teacher treading water, afraid of who I was becoming and afraid of burning out. I was in need of rejuvenation. I was in need of transformative growth. I was googling for a lesson and landed on NWP. I found more than a lesson; I found KMWP, the place I needed to be.

I was stranded looking for a light. I was afraid to write my thoughts. I was afraid to share my soul. I've been urging for a new challenge to guide my life. I think I just found, what I needed to find. I am a new believer. I see a new path. My voice was lost, my soul was torn.

I was lackadaisically adrift for ten years. I have always loved to write, but never thought of myself as a writer. I have always loved to learn, but never thought of myself as a teacher. I was one who preferred to hide in the shadows. I was never one to strive for greatness.

I was a worker bee, a musician, a cop, and a novice writer. I was searching for my place in the professional discourse, and for my real role as a developing teacher and writer. I was teacher-centered, work-focused, and over-extended. I was a cog in the educational machine that continues to grind out inferior product, lacking in imagination and insight.

I will be empowered to lead students passionately, to challenge and excite them. Encourage them to reach their potential. Inspired by all that I’ve experienced here, by the creativity and greatness around me. I will play it forward, inspiring those who come after me,as I was inspired by those who came before. I will be a new voice of the KMWP. I will be a teacher leader; passionate and encouraging, relevant and engaging. I will be the teacher I wish I had had when I was a student. I will be changing the world one student at a time.

I will be the transformation I have experienced. Like never before I will meet my students where they are to help them become who they are destined to become. I will promote inquiry and deeper questioning, I will move over and let my students write, and I will write with them. I will encourage them to question and discover and find authentic audiences for their writing. I will let them talk more, about more, and with a greater purpose. I will continue to grow with KMWP continuity, serving and being served.

I will be more creative. I will continue to grow. I will be the kind of teacher my students deserve. I will be the writer that has something to say. I will be a better teacher and a better person as well. I will teach from my heart and inspire my students.I will set a new light to guide my journey. I will count my blessings and share my joy. I will live each day with more hope.

I will be more confident. I will claim new identities: teacher, writer, thinker. I am movitaved not just to be a teacher, but to be THAT teacher. I have hope for my future where there wasn't hope before. I will share more of myself with the world at large. I will leave knowing that I have great things to teach.

I will be student-centered and enthusiastic. I will be confident of my ability to engage and inspire by being an example of what I am asking my students to be. I will write with them, to them, and for them. I will see the fruits of my labor as I send the next generation of writers, readers, and learners into the world, armed with the tools of imagination, clarity, and self-awareness. I will be the student and the teacher. The writer and the reader.

(ALL speak together) We are the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project, and we thank you for your continued support of our dreams.