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"The trick is choosing tools that neatly align with the skills you're trying to teach."

William Ferriter, Middle School Teacher´╗┐

1. Tutorial and Overview

Diigo (www.diigo.com) is a social bookmarking and shared annotation service. Diigo enables users to tag, organize, and share information they discover online, and to highlight adn annotate online articles. Other students who are using Diigo can see these annotations and read and comment on content together (Educational Leadership, 85).

2. Suggestions for Teaching

William Ferriter, a middle school teacher in North Carolina, uses Diigo to motivate students to interact with nonfiction text. He sets up free, secure classroom groups and student accounts, then he bookmarks online texts about current events connected to his curriculum. He adds highlights and annotations to each bookmarked article and mentions the articles in class. Students add their own annaotations to the online collection (EL, 85).

Ferriter uses VoiceThread to extend conversations started in class. One of the most successful VoiceThread discussions his class had centered around a collection of political cartoons. Another was built around a series of quote and pictures connected to the concept of hatred. Check out both conversations: http://ed.voicethread.com/share/62276 and http://ed.voicethread.com/share88781 .

3. Sample Projects with Rubrics

4. Links and Resources