Teacher Demonstration Title:
Presenter(s): Maya Stigaard Woodall, Austin Middle School, Paulding County; Marsha Kindrachuk Boyd, Campell High School, Cobb County.

Initial Inquiry:
Initial Inquiry: How can we use Web 2.0 tools to engage and motivate writers?
Later Inquiry: How can we create a resource toolbox of digital tools to help us use Web 2.0 tools effectively in writing instruction?

Context of Teaching:
Maya Woodall:I teach middle school language arts in Paulding County at Austin Middle School. I teach both advanced content and on level language arts. Next year I will have 9 computers in my classroom, and I want to explore ways of using digital writing in my classroom.
Marsha Boyd: I have taught advanced content and on level language arts at the middle school level; next year I will be teaching ELL students 9th grade literature and 12th grade World Literature at Campbell High School in Cobb County.

Readings and Research:

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Instructions for Writing Activity / Approach:

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Narrative: See home page for a narrative of our findings. Who are those digital natives we teach?