I. Visions of Students Today

II. Evolution of our Inquiry

  • Initial Inquiry: How can we use Web 2.0 tools to engage and motivate writers?
  • Based on our needs and research, we changed our inquiry to help us and other teachers access the digital toolbox easily and effectively (i.e. the need for student samples, clear guidelines, one-stop shopping, rubrics, etc.).
  • Revised Inquiry: How can we create a resource toolbox of digital tools to help us use Web 2.0 tools effectively in writing instruction?

III. NWP and Digital Writing

IV. Digging through the Digital Dirt with Marsha and Maya

V. Collaboration with Peers

Questions, concerns, ideas....discuss.

VI. Your Own Inquiry into Digital Learning

Explore one of these questions using our wiki (or develop your own inquiry related to digital learning)i:
  • How can I apply MAPS to improve a lesson/unit I currently use?
  • What new digital tools could I add to my toolbox?
  • What can I add to this Wiki to help others?
  • How can I create a class wiki to encourage commentary and response (use ideas from Sheridan Blau)?
  • What digital tools are the best for the writing I plan to do in my classroom next year?
  • How can I become more comfortable using Web 2.0 in my classroom?
  • How can I use digital tools to build community and encourage collaboration?
  • What is better for my students to use: wikis, blogs, or Googledocs? Why?
  • How can I get help from NWP to use digital writing? Join Digital IS to help answer this question: Digital IS

NOTE: If you finish early, explore this site, add your own lessons or ideas, or type suggestions on the suggestion page. You may wish to check out some videos as well, especially the ones on the Who Are Our Students in the 21st Century? or What is Literacy in the 21st Century? pages.

VI. Follow Up

  • Answer the discussion question at the top of this page.
  • Go to Wall Wisher-KMWP, and put a post-it on the wall.