Diggin’ Through the Digital Dirt in the New Dawn

Cobb County Professional Learning Day
Middle/High School Language Arts
August 10, 2011


By using resources on Diggin’ Through the Digital Dirt wiki each participant will
  • Use technology to interact and collaborate with other teacher participants.
  • Apply MAPS heuristic for using a digital tool to use with student writing.
  • Explore one new way to meaningfully and authentically integrate digital tools into current teaching practices.
  • Join and participate on the Diggin’ Through the Digital Dirt wiki.
  • Continue ongoing dialogue and share resources on the wiki in order to make staff development ongoing and meaningful as we approach the dawning.


1. Introduction of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

2. Common Core and Technology

3. Overview of Marsha and Maya’s Wiki
4. Diggin’ through the Digital Dirt: http://digwriting.wikispaces.com
5. MAPS, a heuristic for planning technology in writing

6. Explore Diggin’ Through the Digital Dirt and Web 2.0 tools and begin to create your own MAPS for use this year or research various digital tools to incorporate into your teaching practice.

7. Post on wiki discussion forum (see top of home page for Discussion on Diggin’ through the Digital Dirt).

8. Answer poll question using http://www.polleverywhere.com/.